Supreme God Emperor Episode 324-328

ONA Sub Released on November 20, 2023 · Posted by wonderboy · series Supreme God Emperor

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Supreme God Emperor

Wu Shang Shen Di,Supreme God Emperor, 无上神帝
Rating 7.14
Status: Ongoing Network: , Studio: Released: May 18, 2020 Duration: 5 min. per ep. Season: , Country: Type: ONA
Ten thousand years ago, the fairy king Muyun was plotted against for possessing the Zhuxian map. After sleeping for thousands of years, his remnant soul awakened on the body of the famous "Trash Muyun" of the Nanyun Empire in the Tianyun Continent. When Muyun first woke up, he was deliberately made things difficult by the student Miaoxianyu. Muyun easily resolved the trap of Miaoxianyu, and told more alchemy techniques by analogy, so that the alchemy master outside the door Mo Wen appreciated it endlessly. Back home, Mu Yun learned the news that he was going to be married to Miss Qin Mengxuan. Qin Mengyao suffers from cold and poison, and will not live to be twenty years old. The marriage is only for the benefit of the Mu family and the Qin family. But under Mu Linchen's persuasion, Mu Yun agreed to the marriage on the condition of alchemy. After refining the Bone Tempering Pill, Mu Yun's cultivation improved for the first time. Mo Wen often came to Muyun for advice, and Qin Shiyu always wanted to ask Mo Wen to treat his granddaughter Qin Mengyao. Mo Wen hinted to let Muyun have a try, and Muyun accidentally awakened the Zhu Xiantu in his body, and learned that Qin Mengyao's body was not cold poison, but the spirit of the ice phoenix. Mu Yun healed Qin Mengyao, and the power of the Ice Phoenix Spirit made Qin Mengyao's cultivation improve by leaps and bounds. After seeing Muyun's ability, Qin Mengxuan was full of curiosity and interest in Making cloud, so he became a tutor at Beiyun College, teaching the same class as Muyun. But Dongfang Yu, who failed to pursue Qin Mengyao, was jealous and hated, and vowed to be incompatible with Mu Yun. Muyun used the Zhuxian Tu to break through his cultivation and went to the Beiyun Mountains to practice. Miaoxianyu insisted on going with him. On the way, Muyun hunted and killed more than a dozen purple-haired wolves by himself, which shocked Miaoxianyu. And the four evil spirits of Liushan who were assigned to the assassination screen movement followed all the way, taking advantage of Muyun's loss of strength, they showed up one after another and prepared to attack Muyun.

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